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Having an online presence is essential. We love bringing ideas to life by designing and developing custom-built solutions. Discover how we can transform your business into the digital world.

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Our services ensure your brand's worldwide presence, accessible on all devices. We prioritize user experience, offering easy navigation to keep your audience engaged. Your business never misses an opportunity with a platform that's active 24/7. Start your digital journey with us.

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Apps benefits



Web and mobile applications are self-managing systems. We develop a custom-built app adapting to your needs and providing specific functionalities that suit your business. It's a very powerful tool, especially for globalizing the entire organization of your company in one place.

  • They are self-manageable: they allow you to easily modify their content.
  • They avoid repetitive tasks and greatly speed up the handling of information.
  • They have functionalities that help the growth of your company.
  • They can be accessed from any device.
landing page benefits


Landing pages

They are institutional sites with a single page, a very good alternative to strengthen your brand identity and generate a greater online presence, more sources of contact and expand your products or services beyond social networks.

  • They are intuitive, fast and easy to navigate.
  • Economic, scalable and easy to maintain.
  • Increase the chances of generating new leads.
  • They are active 24/7 and are accessible from anywhere in the world.
landing page benefits



Institutional websites are 3 to 8 pages sites. They help you tell what you do, who you are, where you are and positionate your company in the digital world. Unlike landing pages, they offer you the possibility of providing the information in a broader way.

  • They provide detailed information about your company.
  • They can be complemented with marketing services and attract your target audience.
  • They generate new leads through newsletters or email marketing.
  • They are active 24/7 and are accessible from anywhere in the world.
Ecommerce benefits



Online stores are currently a very important digital tool for the sale of products and services. They give you the possibility to sell to the whole world 24 hours a day, helping you automate processes, avoid manual tasks and optimise your time.

  • Automate and streamline tasks.
  • They offer various shipping and payment methods.
  • They help you manage precise stock control.
  • Improve customer service support.
  • Handle your orders quickly and easily.
Design benefits



We have a dedicated Design area that complements the development services. Our specialized professionals offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions from the creation of your brand or business cards to designing any digital product or service.

  • Show a Distinctive Identity.
  • Gain Professionalism and Credibility.
  • Get a Target Audience Alignment.
  • Achieve Effective Communication.
  • Develop a Brand Strategy and Positioning.
  • Coelsa
  • Bbook
  • Colfax Realty
  • Expert Consulting
  • Oxean
  • Bargiela Bienaty Winery
  • Coronella Bakery
  • Lattari Digital
  • Mec Nutrición y Salud
  • Vinilo Design Shop
  • Aconcagua Transportes
  • Devoto Boxing Club
  • Tema Calcos
  • St Marys International College
  • Polygon Hornos
  • Transtotal
  • Zeus
  • ZLE Store
How we work

Our Approach

At Dakota Developers, we pride ourselves on a unique, tailored approach to each project. Our working process involves the following stages:


Discovery: This is where we learn about you. We dive into your business needs, understand your goals, and outline your project requirements.


Strategy & Planning: Based on our initial assessment, we formulate a strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We define a timeline, set milestones, and plan for success.


Design & Development: Our team of experienced designers and developers bring your vision to life, creating a platform that represents your brand and appeals to your target audience.


Testing & Launch: We conduct rigorous testing to ensure your site is working as expected. Once everything is in place, we launch your website to the world.


Support & Maintenance: We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your website remains up-to-date and continues to serve your business effectively.

We believe that our process offers the perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and technical expertise, resulting in a product that not only looks great but performs exceptionally.

Meet the team

Founder - Full Stack Developer Founder - UX, UI and Graphic Designer Digital Director Full Stack and Mobile Developer Full Stack Developer Project Manager Project Manager


Founder - Full Stack Developer

Order and simplicity lover. He uses his coding skills to get the best results. Always looking to create intuitive systems that are easy to navigate. He enjoys Creedence songs, skiing and quoting lines from the action movie 'Commando'.


Founder - UX, UI and Graphic Designer

Web, User Experience, User Interface and Graphic Designer with Brand and Business Communication Degree Specialization. His hobbies go from videogames and 80's pop culture to reading, movies, music and musical theatre. You could say he's a total geek, alright.


Digital Director

Melanie has a Business oriented profile as well as experience in Digital Marketing. She is always analyzing apps and tools, making her a keen observer in the digital world. Off the clock, she's whipping up recipes, dreaming of Italy, and pampering her fur-baby Toby.


Full Stack and Mobile Developer

Tato is a Web and Mobile Full Stack Developer. He is known for being a geek, a beer lover and a gamer. He loves being updated with any technological news and is a fan of innovation. His best buddy is his cat Fredo, who joins him in every deploy along with, of course, a beer.


Full Stack Developer

That weird looking guy at the office, even though we like him just the way he is. Backend developer to the bone. Enjoys his free time listening to podcasts.


Project Manager

Steve Rogers's unrecognized cousin. In charge of project management and workforce coordination. He will forever dream of reaching 88mph and travelling through time.


Software Engineer

Meticulous, man of routine with a logical mind. His life is fully organized like his code. Gym lover, he seeks balance in his health and physical condition. His fascination with sneakers adds a spark of uniqueness to his personality.

Alan Rodriguez
Matias Bisurgi
Julian Caminaur
Gastón Estevez
Julian Caminaur
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