ZLE Store

Online Store & Stock Management System

We implemented a complete solution for this case. It started with the design and development of an online store, and then we attached a custom-made Webapp for storage and stock management tasks.

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ZLE Store Project Information

​​After setting up the online store and experiencing significant exponential growth, ZLE required additional functionalities. Being a fully scalable site like all our sites, we were able to tailor a new solution to their needs. From this, we created a custom Webapp for stock management, orders, warehouses, and merchandise movement.

Web Design and Development

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Web Application

In the development of the Stock Management Webapp, emphasis was placed especially on functionality above all. There was no need for a custom design; rather, the goal was to achieve a functional application with a clean and easy-to-use interface so that any user in the company can manage it intuitively. Features: - Stock, warehouse, orders, and history management. - Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). - CRUD operations for entities. - Role-based system. - Authentication system. - Datatables. - Security system.

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